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Exhausted, I almost fell on the sheets and started curling up big indian woman as one of the men cuffed my left wrist to one of the rings in the mattress. The fact that I was completely naked did cause me some discomfort, but worst was the picture in my mind of being ridden and raped by these men and the horrible remembrance of being forced to cum by the machine. As if I needed a reminder, I could feel the wetness of the rapist's seed leaking out of me. I shuddered and softly sobbed as I thought of the possibility of being pregnant by one of these bastards

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I was then led indian american porn into a building and the sounds of a party came to my ears. I caught pieces of conversation as men and women, judging from their voices, commented on my appearance. I was standing still, the hand still holding my arm tightly when I felt someone touch my right breast and I jerked away from the intruder and quickly found out that my action was a mistake. The person holding me twisted my arm behind my back and raised it up causing me to yelp in pain. "Sandy, tell the Lady that you want her to touch your breast, that you want her to suck on your nipple." As he talked he twisted my arm harder and raised it enough that it brought tears of pain to my eyes amateur indian woman

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Someone took sexy south indian girls the empty wine glass from me and I was led about ten steps further when I noticed that everything had gone quiet. I heard a door close and lock behind me as I was led down a slight incline. My body felt suddenly hot and I could tell through the blindfold that I was standing in a very well lighted area. The hands released my arms and I sensed that the man had stepped behind me.

Sudden a man's voice indian porn pics links came over a PA system. "Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Sandy. We are to assist in her training and in a rare treat, see if we can help get her pregnant."

"NOOOOOOOOOO" I screamed when I heard what horny sex crazed east indian women they planned to do. "You can't, no, pleas---." My plea was cut short as a ball gag was stuffed in my mouth and the straps locked behind my head. I started to struggle, but arms circled my waist and almost picked me up as I kicked out with my legs. I heard the man on the PA system. "As you can see, she isn't completely broken yet so we'll have to restrain her, but hey, more fun for us." The arms holding me tightened and others pushed the straps off of my shoulders and unzipped the back of my dress. The dress and panties were stripped off of me leaving only my stockings and high heels

I was forced on my back on a indian porn free movie bed of some sort. I could feel the cool satin on my back as hands swiftly tied my wrists to the two upper corners so my arms were stretched out. I heard a snap and the collar was secured to another ring so I could only lift my head off the bed about 6 inches. Helpless I again heard the voice. "Everyone in place? Good! It's time to introduce Sandy to her first lover and the team that will prepare her for him." Hands gently raised my head and took my blindfold off. I blinked several times trying to focus my eyes. I tried to scream in horror as my eyes focused, but the ball gag prevented me from making much of a sound. I was on a brightly lighted bed in the middle of a sunken portion of the room. The sheets were shiny black satin causing my white skin to stand out in stark contrast. All around were people sitting in chairs, out of the spotlight that shined on me, in dim, almost dark areas. The hoods covered a mostly black hole where their face was. I could see the end of a nose or chin on a few, but couldn't tell male from female. My breathing became very rapid as the setting fed my fears and completely spooked me. Tears ran down my cheeks and I tossed my head from side to side as I tried to scream into the ball gag. I fought against the bonds for several minutes until I was exhausted. During my struggles it was deathly quiet except for the sounds I made. Finally, when I realized that I was helpless and lay still one of the hooded figure got up and walked to me.

"Sandy," he said, "Met Eddie, your new lover indian sexy married woman and the team that will prepare the two of you for each other." My mind swirled as I saw movement to my right. I gasped as "Eddie" came into view. He was huge! At least 7 foot tall and extremely muscular, he had to weigh at least 300 pounds. His skin was shiny with oil or sweat, I couldn't tell which, and he was jet black. I watched as a hooded figure appeared beside him and grasped his cock. "Oh," I groaned in a whisper as my attention was drawn to the hooded figure's hand as it wrapped around the huge appendage. "He'll rip me open," I thought as I briefly struggled again trying to free my arms. The hood fell away from an attractive blonde's face as she tightened her grip on Eddie and ran her tongue over the tip. Then she took the first several inches in her mouth and gently sucked on him as he looked at my face

I hadn't gallery indian adult movies noticed the group of robed women around me until I felt hands on my left breast. Gently, they untied the ball gag and took it out of my mouth, cautioning me not to scream. "Please, please, I don't want this," I sobbed as each woman began to caress part of my body. Two of them had already started sucking on my nipples as a third kissed my neck and shoulder. Hands unsnapped the collar around my neck from the bed ring and lifted my head so I could see another woman place her mouth against my sex. I gasped as the first gentle flick of her tongue bathed my clitoris. Two other women were gently running their hands over my stocking covered legs

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My hands were free, but I knew I had lost. free atk indian blog porn I placed my hands on his shoulders and half heartedly tried to push him away, but he was too strong. Finally I put my arms at my side, offering no resistance as he played with my body, making me desperate for him. One of the women whispered in my ear, "Do you want him to fuck you?" The question startled me and I weakly moan no between gasps when his tongue passed over my swollen nub. Several more minutes passed and my body screamed for a man to fulfill my desperate need. The woman's voice came to me again only this time she didn't ask. She commanded me to ask him to fuck me

Sweep up in a frenzy of desire, amateur indian naked I closed my eyes and said in a soft voice, "Fuck me Please make love to me."

Eddie raised his head and good indian porn said, "Louder Sandy. Tell us what you want

I almost shouted as his tongue resumed the torture kinky indian housewives of my clitoris, "Fuck me you bastard, please, please fuck me." Immediately I started to sob as the realization hit me of how far I had sunk. I felt the huge black shift his weight and crawl up between my legs. He placed his hands behind both my knees and forced them toward my chest as he mounted me

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The orgasm continued to build and I indian sluts indigo blue could do nothing to stop it. Closer and closer I came with every stroke of his cock in me until I was moaning continually and tossing my head back and forth. "Yes, yes" I gasped as my body tensed and my neck and chest flushed red. Closer and closer until my head violently tossed back and forth and a scream came from deep in me.

My orgasm flooded me and took me to heights of pleasure indian pussy lips that I had never been. I could feel my vagina tighten and spasm on the huge black cock that impaled me. It must have been too much for him because I heard him grunt as the first flood of his sperm shot deep into my vagina. He grunted the second time and more of his black seed entered me.

"Good fuck, good fuck" he muttered as he continued to sexxxy indian teens flood my womb with his sperm. Finally he almost collapsed on me, covering my body completely with his huge bulk. After several minutes lying on top of me he slowly rose to his hands and knees. I flinched as I felt his cock pull out of my soaked vagina, a string of his cum leaking out of me. Briefly I thought about becoming pregnant by this black man's rape. I lay on my back breathing heavily, my orgasm fading, my eyes closed with my legs spayed out, his cum still leaking out. I wanted to sleep, but there was still the hooded audience that waited for the next part to start and I shuddered wondering what would happen next

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And even nowI can't remember her name,though I certainly indian house wife nude rememberthe latin she spoke,the shape of her mouth,and the sound of her song

No courage from me,no bravery to brushthat tear away from her,and indian lady ass fuck soon her feet led herout of my room,back to her parents' house

I hated how little I triedin fear of some free east indian porn videos retribution -too much afraidof parental, societaland internal doubtsabout the natureof love and desire

After I unemotionally deniedher heavy, soft eyes,she left indian sex movies and did not return.A memory of one kissstill awkward in my headgripped me with regretwhen she later refusedto give me even a glimpse

Recently one of the petite indian pussy better poets that frequent LIT, Tristesse, posted a poem called, `Puke`. Now I have to admit when I first saw the title I went Yuck! , but when I read it I realised that this poem was very clever, very original and very funny. So here’s my humble offering to the poetic subject of puking, spewing, barfing and upchucking

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This is a right silly story about an eventful dinner nude indians wives we had with Mel and Stu,a very nice couple into swinging, organic veggies, BDSM and home brew.Mel was sweet, petite, nice pert bum but short sighted, like a Mrs. McGoo,Stu was a hairy dairy farmer, who liked to milk cows until they went moo

I went with indian motocycle jacket models a pretty girl, a studious, serious arts student named Lindy Lou.She wore miniskirts and insisted on panties of only one colour…sky blue!We met on a cruise, I was a passenger and she was part of the kinky crew;she’d show me her sky blue panties and watch as my cock grew and grew!

We didn’t know website of nude east indian women that Mel and Stu had fallen out, had a fight, a bit of a do!So when we turned up at the farm the frostiness came right out of the blue.He wasn’t speaking to Mel and Mel wasn’t having anything to do with Stu!From what we could gather the fight had something to do with cow pooh

Stu arrived lesbian indian sex clips home, he was whiffy with the smell of cows milk and cow pooh,all he could think about was fucking Mel and licking her pussy dry of her dew.But Mel said, “Stu, until you’ve cleaned your shoes no nooky or a home brew!”“If I can’t have a shag first then cleaning my shoes is something I will not do!вЂ

With that nude indian women Stu stormed of to swear at the chickens until the air was quite blue!Mel was upset, started to cry until she couldn’t see, like I said, a Mrs McGoo.She picked up the shoes, brushing like a fury until the shoes shone like new.Unfortunately Mel aka Mrs. McGoo couldn’t see where the cow pooh flew

As we sat for dinner the atmosphere was indian cunt fingered better, maybe it was the home brew?Mel and Stu were all hot tender kisses, sitting so close as if joined with glue! I sat back and imagined being with Lindy Lou, she bereft of her knickers blue.I would come up behind her, pull up her skirt, spank her bum and shout “Boo!вЂ

Then Mel went to the kitchen, indian porn trailers bringing in the hot, steaming, delicious meat stew.As we wolfed down the stew with gusto Mel shouted, “No! This can’t be true!”We looked at her with some concern. “This stew has a strange flavour! Oh, Stu!”“I was cleaning your dirty shoes and I think some cow pooh has got in the stew!”

As we sat there our information about inca indians stomachs were like bilious volcanoes and then we all blew!The thought of eating cow pooh caused a simultaneous upchuck of said stew!Out it flew! Peas, carrots, turnips, pieces of meat and a sprinkling of cow pooh!You know, it’s a funny thing but the spew looked exactly like the original stew! Graham

Grandmom could peel an apple indian babes uncovered in one long thread. I’d watch the knife flash, turning circles until the peel dropped in a perfect coil. Sometimes with a Macoun or Sweet Delicious,you taste a whole orchardin that pale flesh

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